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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.



Rivington School Sculpture Garden - ongoing sculptural project 1985 - began as a memorial to Geronimo, a homeless Puerto Rican friend who died in 1985, the sculpture garden serves as a free place for exhibits, installations, concerts, performances and festival.

The Rivington School I am outgrowth of No Se No social club/ clubhouse/ gallery founded in 1983 by Cowboy Relly, one-time farmer who came to N.Y. from Texas and settled on the good old Lower 3ast Side. Be minimizing his role as creator of the school, determinedly populist, he maintains that "anyone can be an artist", that everything is a work of art.

The symbol of the Rivington School is "Sold the hammer right". The core group of the Rivington School is comprised of outdoor sculptors. Although the artists come from many places, their work is a product of the social, political and artistic environment of the Lower Fast Side.

If the school's iconoclasm seems naive and nostalgic, Rivington nevertheless presents an alternative to the New York art world's infatuation with glamour. The Rivington artists have devised ways to live, produce art, and exhibit with very little money and virtually no media attention. To a certain extent, they are free of financial pressures that they feel compromise the creative process. Whatever its shortcomings, the school does provide a support group for artists who are unwilling to deal with New York's brutal competitiveness and pervasive snobbery. It is one of the only groups in the city to do so.

If you ain't cowboy, you ain't shit


P.S. Many come/ Few stay

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