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1999 "Six O'clock Observed", Asian American Arts Centre NYC
1997 "Composition", Lumber House Gallery, Fukushima, Japan
1996 "Composition", the Emerging Collector, NYC
           "Rivington School", Le Lieu Center En Art Actuel, Quebec, Canada traveled
           with Rivington artists, Ray Kelly & tovey Hallec Collaborated by 2 Rivington sculptors
1995 "Rivington School- An Art Movement in the East Village", New York
           Nakamoto Seishi Museum, Sendai, Japan
1991 "All About the Rivington School", Paas Gallery, NYC
1989 "99 Nites of No Se No" (B & W Photography), Art House, Japan
           "Untitled-Photography", ABC No Rio, NYC
1988 Untitled-Photography, Cafe Delia Pace, NYC
1987 Performance Art Photographs-, Art Space, Nishinomiya, Japan
1986 Photographs from New York, Tsubaki Ball, tokyo, Japan
1985 "Sign of Life in the Dead of Night" (B & W Performance Photos), Puchong Gallery, NYC
           No Se No 99 Nites- (B & W Performance Photos), No Se No, NYC
1983 "Electra" (B & W Photography), Puchong Gallery, Electra.
           (Xerox Copy Installation), Lucky Strike, NYC
           "Photo Documentation of No Se No 99 Nites", No Se No, NYC
1977 Line & Shape. (Drawing & Collage), Rome Gallery, tokyo, Japan
           "Motion, Ethos Moment & Form", Rome Gallery, tokyo, Japan
1974 Mcnochrome (Painting), Runami Gallery, tokyo, Japan
1973 Untitled (Water Colors & Drawings), Futaba Gallery, tokyo, Japan


1999 "Pacaembu-A Planetary Reply For the World/town of Sao Paulo"
               organized by Philippe Mouillon, Sao Paulo
           "Directors Choice", Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY
           "Universe Communicative" (Photography), Gallery Onetwentyeight, NYC
1998 "One On One, Part 2", Max Fish, NYC, curated Thorn Corn
           "Intense Exposure" (Photography), Knicker Bocker Gallery, NYC
           "TheTravel of the Spirit", Lumber House, Japan
           "The Variegated Group", Cork Gallery, Avery Fisher Hall, NYC
           "Art And Garden", the Times Square Lobby Gallery, NYC
           "I Have A Dream - Celebration of Black History Month" the Emerging Collector, NYC
1997 "Cafe December", Gallery Onetwentyeight, NYC
           "Horizontal Component", Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY
           "Garden of Urban Delight the Lower Eastside." curated by Anton Van Darlen,
               Henry Street Settlement, NYC
1996 "Photo Gallery Collection", Yufuin Koo-So No Mori Museum, Yufuin-Cho, Japan
           "Scheming NY (Kakejiku)", Japan tour
1995 "Under Surface"- Photography curated by Judy Lynn, Gallery Onetwentyeight, NYC
           "Solid State" - Performance & Sculpture curated by Robert Costa, Morgan Industry, NJ
           "Stand - Celebration of Black History Month" The Emerging Collector, NYC
           "Crossing - Dedicated to the Memory of Jo Franki"
               %D0 Photography the Emerging Collector, NYC
1994 "So-Shun, An Exhibition of Twenty New York Japanese Artists",
               Gallery Onetwentyeight, NYC
           "Beyond the Borders" - Art by Recent Immigrants curated by Bettie Sue Hertz,
               Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY
1993 "Reflection A Legacy Unearthed", Discovery of the Duene Street Burial Site,
               curated by Charles Mingus Li, Tribeca 148, NYC
           "We Count! - The State of Asian Pacific America",
               organized by Asian American Arts Center, Tweed Gallery, NYC
1992 "City Time - A Photographic Installation", curated by Tenesh Weber,
               Public Art Window 10 On 8, NYC
           "Art Asia", the Emerging Ollector, NYC
           "Texture-Compare & Contrast," Bronx River Art Gallery, Bronx, NY
           "Restraint & Revelation", Artra, NYC
1991 "Fifth Anniversary of East West Culture Exchange",
               organized by East West Culture Friendship Association
           "Art Exhibition" with Chan S. Chung, Kwok, M. Ho, Queens, NY
           "Contemporary American Baroquee Cb's 313", NYC
           "New York Diary - Almost Twenty Five Different Thing", P.S.1 Museum,
               Long Island City, NY
           "Dialogue of Friendship", Minor Injury, Greenpoint, NY
           "The International Art Show 90", Creation Museum, lida, Japan
           "Maximum Fun", Max Fish, NYC
1989 "New Generation of Japanese Photographers", Kampo Cultural Center, NYC
           "Five NY Art Now - Street Collaboration 89", Hankyu Five, Osaka, Japan
           "Outsiders In Metropolis-Rivington School Or Wat Afr Fine Art," Washington DC.
           "Grafik / Grafix", curated by Arleen Schloss, Triplex Gallery, NYC
           "Signs of Life", Art Link Contemporary Art Space, Fort Wayne,
               In "An Act of Resistance", Bullet Space, NYC
1988 "Photos 88", curated by Tenesh Weber, Abe No Rio, NYC
           "Five NY Art Now - Street Collaboration 88", Hankyu Five, Osaka, Japan
           "Rivington School", Ed Labo Andnagoya Art University, Japan
           "Ten Chinatown", Asian American Art Center, NYC
           "100 Years- Tradition, Social & Political art on the Lower Eastside
               curated by Anton Van Darlen, Pow, NYC
           "New Art For. 1988", Mars Bar, NY & Artifact Art Salon, Miami, Fl
1987 "Art Camp", Mars Bar, NYC
           "Shozo Shimamoto & Rivington School", Kampo Cultural Center, NYC
           "Oriental Express li", Food Stamp Gallery, NYC
           "Three Person Show", New Amsterdam Brewery, NYC
           "Homage to Man Ray-, Puchong Gallery, NYC
           "Travelling Photographic Art Show - Eye of A Storm" curated by Dragan llic Sugizaki
               Photo Gallery, Sendai, Japan Tamura Gallery, tokyo Les 301s Gallery, Osaka
           E M Donahue, NYC
           "4mars Bar First Art Show", Mars Bar, NYC 1986
           "Brock 421", Lower Eastside, NYC Stattwekstatt, Linz, Austria
           "Furniture Show", curated by Jack Vengrow, No Se No, NYC
           "Transmigration", curated by Jiromaru, Art Space, Tokyo, Japan
           "The Rivington School 1st Anniversary, Sculpture Inside Our No Se No, NYC
           "State of the Street," No Se No Gallery, NYC
           "Art From New York to New York" ,Newz Gallery, tokyo, Japan
           "Bronx River Gallery 5 Years", Bronx River Art Center, NYC
1985 "The Rivington school", No Se No, NYC
           "We Are All In the Same Boat, Minor Injury," Greenpoint, NY
           "Homeless NYC" (Stencil Work On the Streets of NY)
           Storefront For Arts & Architecture NYC & Kamikaze, NYC
           "Abe No Rio the First Five Years", City Gallery, NYC
           "The Rivington School - Sculpture Inside Our, No Se No, NYC
           "Artifact of the Future", curated by tobby Crocket, Kamikaze, NYC
           "Inaugural", curated by Jiromaru
           Workshop Monorail ofuna, Yokohama, Japan
1984 First Annual Review, Puchong Gallery, NYC
           "Elements of the Performance, Eric Turner Studio, NYC
           "Friend", No Se No, NYC
           "The Asian Artist Show", curated by Bettie Sue Hert,
                Bronx River Restoration Art Center Bronx, NY
           "Photo Limbo", Limbo Lounge, NYC
1983 "Art Damage", curated by Michael Carter, Danceteria, NYC Art While You Eat,
               curated by Leela Ramotar, Cedar Tavern, NYC
           "Two Person Show", Kwok Gallery, NYC

1989 Japanese Escapees", Cast Iron TV, Wth Nancy Carin

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