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Legendary Publishers of the International Underground

Works by a selection of artists featured in Le Dernier Cri, Marseille, France

TRACK 16 GALLERY | 2525 Michigan Avenue, Bldg C-1 | Santa Monica, CA | July 19 - August 13, 2003

Le Dernier Cri, bookLe Dernier Cri, book

Le Dernier Cri: Legendary Publishers of the International Underground is an exhibition of works by a selection of artists whose work has been published by the irreverent, independent publishing house Le Dernier Cri, (the last cry), whose stock in trade is extreme, unrepressed artistic expression that runs the gamut from art brut and art crude to revolting exposés/romances and digital tragedies. Artists include Pakito Bolino (France), Caroline Sury (France), Ota Keiti (Japan), Doctor Good (Switzerland), Stu Mead (U.S.A.), Julie Doucet (Canada), Mirka Lugosi (France), Reinhard Scheibner (Germany), Manuel Ocampo (Philippines), Fredox (France), Gary Panter (U.S.A.) and many others. Emerging from the ashes of the "underground zine" movement in Paris in the 1980s, Le Dernier Cri founded in 1993, has published more than 100 books. An almost second-nature approach to printmaking and publishing was observed by the exhibition's curator (a Le Dernier Cri featured artist), Georganne Deen, upon visiting the publisher's atelier in Marseilles. A long tradition of satirical underground publishing has existed in France, from Daumier's political cartoon etchings in the nineteenth century, to the underground comics that appeared in the 1960s to contemporary independent publishers. Operating out of an abandoned maternity hospital in Marseilles, Le Dernier Cri founders Pakito Bolino and Caroline Sury have created a space for experimentation in graphics, film, and publishing.

Le Dernier Cri: Legendary Publishers of the International Underground will feature prints, paintings, drawings, and animated films. A selection of 145 different Dernier Cri publications will be displayed and will be available for saleÐnot to be missed by the comic collector, or anyone else interested in rare books! An exhibition catalogue will be available for purchase.