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published in: STOP LYING | booklet edited by The Middle of Silence Gallery | New York 1982

Self-taught master of self-attainment and honesty: destroyer of wishful thinking and delusions in self and others: Can recall and express trains of thought however difficult from inception to end and ACTS UPON HIS CONVICTIONS with total fidelity: Knows that each experience holds at least one truth: our perceptions and our feelings: and that we must stand by them until, through checking out or correction, they prove to be inadequate:

Has whatever patience and whatever energy is needed in carrying out the obligations that his knowledge entails: rather be truthful than inoffensive: rather be truthful than liked: Listens to the manner and not merely the content of peoples' expressions and responds in terms of their true intentions and not merely those expressed: Can admit to hoodwinking self and thus encourages others to do the same: Can ask for help and insists that others do the same. Employs the imagination to increase sexual pleasure and facilitate other bodily functions and can describe the details to others:

Helps reduce guilt that prevents acceptance of self and helps people admit to feeling guilt-stricken about how they silence their truth-seeking, justice-loving consciences: Handles provocations by remaining objective and admitting to, but not becoming subject to, the emotional tyrannies of striking back or saving face:

Is sensitive to and exposes sins of omission (as they may reflect concealed hostility, secret machinations, humiliated conscience, self-shame and fear of banishment) as well as sins of commission: sarcasm disguised as rational rebut, hypocritical concern, and pious blaming, etc. Encourages people to express their curiosity and to react openly to the curiosity of others: Helps people enjoy and see things on as many levels as possible:

the possibility of doing so being the common ground of the human species: Denies the sanctity of love which is selfish and excludes others, (poor arithmetic) and a love which is sufficient unto itself (denies themselves to others): Knows that the human condition has base and sublime elements and encourages others to the sublimity of having the courage to admit what is base in the self: Can accept the feeling of being the only honest or truthful person on the face of the earth without wavering in his beliefs and therefore can help others accept that ultimate sacrifice necessary to pave the way for the relinquishing of self-serving, self-aggrandizing goals in favor of the openly shared goals of a Utopian community.